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NAME Toy Blast
GOOGLE PLAY LINK net.peakgames.amy&hl=en
CATEGORY Puzzle Games


Toy Blast Android Game

The cult action platform game, originally released in 1989 for arcade machines, is back with a super-simian new version with hand-drawn graphics, a new soundtrack and an all-new game mode: Toy Blast Mod APK.

The game is a scrum in which the player must let three or more balloons of the same colour rise. There are Match – three puzzles in the game where you have to match candy to advance to the next level. With the classic Toon Blast style of action platform game, Toon Blaste consists of cartoon characters that can solve a variety of puzzles and advance in the game. They share the common goal of combining three different types of candy, such as a chocolate cupcake, a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate bar.

These elements are a major challenge, as each level in Toy Blast is basically the same, but it is the tactics that make it so fun to allow children to play it and set all sorts of boundaries so complex. After the first 20-30 levels, it feels like the game is going to be a no-brainer, and that’s it.

Literally Hundreds Of Levels

Although technically free to play – too – Toy Blast also offers you the opportunity to spend money to keep playing, which makes it easier for you to succeed. Players can pay to get access to premium content, get more lives, unlock new characters and levels, and more.

The game also has many different options – ups and skills in the game to help you, and there are literally hundreds of levels in Cookie Jam. There are just so many things to do and entertainment that will surely be entertainment for months to come! There are plenty of levels in Candy Valley, but CookieJam is so much more that you’ll be entertained for hours.

Toy Blast rewards you for making big matches in the form of power-ups, but more importantly, you can use them all. Just like Toy Blast, Cookie Jam has many powers – including the ability to use it to get through levels.


Bring More Toys Together And Get More Rewards

You will receive a whole range of magical powers from the players of the game, which will help you to bring more toys together and get more rewards in the game. Power to use – Ups that significantly affect gameplay is a natural part of gameplay. And in Toy Blast you can beat all its levels by buying extra moves to get through a particularly tough level.

As you play through the levels, Toy Blast will helpfully show you your top scores among friends, and setting new highscores is indeed a satisfying thing. The best performing puzzle game has an average score of 8, which is the highest score in the game and the second highest total score. If you are very good, you can even have 20% stickiness, with a maximum of 20 points per level

Interestingly, Peak has a total of 34 iOS and Android games, but only Toon Blast and Toy Blast are profitable. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the other Toy Blast alternatives that you can download and play now. There are many existing game models that run in the App Store and Google Play Store and work well as long as they are free.

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