Scythe: Digital Edition Mod APK 1.9.62

Information of Scythe: Digital Edition Mod APK 1.9.62

NAME Scythe: Digital Edition
Asmodee Digital
GOOGLE PLAY LINK com.asmodeedigital.scythe
CATEGORY Strategy Games

Quick Overview Of The Game

Apart from Scythe: Digital Edition Mod APK challenges, enhancements and tweaks, you have a game that appeals to a wide audience. That misses what makes it such an interesting and challenging game, and that is the solitaire game with multiplayer cards. The battle is fought by players who use 7% of their power and resources in addition to one or two battle cards they collect in the course of the game, with the highest total winning the battle. Taking control of territories and resources, finding Worker / Mech leaders and banishing them to their home base. The game is not for everyone, but the introduction of a simple combat system by the scythes paved the way not only for the war itself, but also for the danger of war.

Conduct of Conquest for mobile devices is a new version of the Scythe Digital Edition for iOS and Android. Like its tabletop counterpart, the game is set in an alternate universe where nations create mechs and ride giant animals. The game sees players compete against each other for the glory of their chosen faction in a diesel punk world.

Each Player Represents A Fallen Leader In Scythe: Digital Edition

Sense is a motor-building, asymmetrical board game set in an alternative period of the 1920s. In the game, each player represents a fallen leader who tries to restore his honor by leading his faction to power in Europe. Players conquer territories, recruit new recruits, harvest resources, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.

In an alternative reality of the 1920s, it is several years since the Great War was ashes. And its hot war has entered a new phase. Built in factories, independent city-states have become the object of everyone’s lust, and Mechs roam the snowy landscapes of Europe.

The starting positions are set randomly. Which contributes to the uniqueness of each faction and the asymmetry of the game. Combat is handled in such a way that there is no choice, luck or chance involved. The only random elements are the individual secret objective maps. And hit cards that players draw by interacting with citizens and exploring the country.

Scythe Digital Edition Is Set In An Alternative Eastern Europe Of The 1920s

Scythe is set in an alternative Eastern Europe of the 1920s, where warring parties set out to control territories, gain resources by making and building giant metal troops called Mechs, and gain power and popularity by completing encounters, collecting 6 stars and finishing the game by earning enough VP points to become the winning faction. Scythes are built as a war game, and the danger of war is greater than actual war.

This is a strategy game that exists in an alternative timeline in the 1920s. The world was torn apart by the Second World War, and it is up to you to reassemble the world, select a faction and lead it to glory. Civilization and technology have undergone a number of improvements, and you will see various mechanics roaming the country.

As with Steam, the mobile version of Scythe: The Digital Edition can be played with 1-5 players. And it adds a hotseat mode that allows you to pass your phone around and play on a single device. There is also online multiplayer and crossplay between Android and iOS platforms as well as singleplayer and AI.

The title might need a little more polish when it comes to the user interface. If all of this sounds good to you, get your copy from the Play Store. And mock the price of $9 for the mobile port, there’s also a cheaper version of the Scythe Digital Edition.

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