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NAME Scary Teacher 3D
Z & K Games
GOOGLE PLAY LINK com.zakg.scaryteacher.hellgame
CATEGORY Simulation Games


Scary Teacher 3D Android Game

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK with physical punishment, but sounds are more fun in this creepy ghost game from 2020. There is a dead granny, a real ghost who is ready to catch you in her ghost school. We decided to redesign the game with a new sound design and a different theme for this game.

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If you have an iOS device like iPad or iPhone, installing Scary Teacher 3D is just as easy. It will be installed on your phone and you can continue playing. But if you want to find a fun game in your spare time, this is a good choice to download. The installation process is the same for Android phones, as well as for those who have iOS devices. If you have an Android phone, you only need to access the Google Play Store and download the Android version of the game.

All you have to do is go to the Apple Store and find the game at the top of the results and use the tools provided to you. Make it nice, then move on to the part where the children will feed you, and then it will go on.


Right Place For Throbbing Excitement Lovers

We learn of the fearsome teacher who threatens children by threatening them with corporal punishment and torturing them every time they do so. He does a lot of bad things to them and you learn all about him in the game.

He has earned his reputation for being very threatening and cruel, and often inflicts inhuman punishments on his students. Although I sometimes feel that some jokes are a bit exaggerated, there is a price to pay if you torture children often.

If you enjoy the pulse – the throbbing excitement of a slope game – then you are in the right place. So be ready to take revenge and save the children. They have been tortured by the creepy teacher and his fearsome forces. Show off your best skills by escaping the rooms with the help of your neighbor and some funny guys. See how brave you really are and challenge yourself as you travel and escape the fearsome teacher in this challenging travel game.

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Here is a horror title where you are the one who has to break into your neighbors “homes and unravel the secrets while you play nasty revenge tricks. The premise of the game is essentially that you set out to scare the notorious Scary Teacher into giving him a lesson.


What You To Do In Scary Teacher 3D

The task is to catch students who have set an example incorrectly, left school or violated the school’s rules. When you finish the joke, hurry up and go inside before he catches you and runs away. Please note that there is a creepy neighbor who is part of your mission, but you should not “catch” him. It will take a while to find objects like mousetraps, because there are so many of them, and you will have to hunt them all down.

Miss T wants to relax, watch her favourite programmes and ruin the TV, as much as she can, but only if she watches and can relax. Each mission must be completed within a set time frame and can only be accomplished if one recognizes the fearsome teacher himself.

Scary Teacher 3D is completely free, which means that anyone with a smartphone can easily access the game. It also has the advantage of feeling different from other popular mobile games where the only goal is simply to beat the previous highscore. Creepy Teacher 3D actually gives the player the opportunity to see a different side of Miss T’s personality, as well as her personality. There are different rooms with different stories and you have to solve the task on a clear level.

You need to respond to Flynn’s latest text messages and make popcorn, but you can harm yourself by adding plenty of salt to your food or sodas if you want. You can also spoil your breakfast while you prepare it by adding lots of chilli or lots of sugar, and it will damage you.

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