Plague Inc Mod APK 1.18.5

Information of Plague Inc Mod APK 1.18.5

NAME Plague Inc
GOOGLE PLAY LINK com.miniclip.plagueinc
SIZE 76.8Mb
CATEGORY Simulation Games

Game takes you into a futuristic world

As you guessed, Plague Inc Mod APK is a wonderful game simulation of planet Earth. His famous Android game takes you into a futuristic world where a rogue tries to take over the world and bring it back to its prehistoric form. In his premium apk game, your mission is to satisfy humanity by developing a deadly plague in the worlds around you. Nonetheless, Plague Inc is different, but it is in the strategy genre and is the perfect game that allows the player to develop viruses and plagues with the aim of wiping out all of humanity.

The main mode in Plague Jr is that players control viruses of unknown origin, which exhausts human vitality and gradually leads to death.

We have been asking the developer for years to include the Split APKs file, and we can develop the original installable AP K file so that you can download new ones to Android.

Develop your own viruses and plagues

In this app you can name and develop your own viruses and plagues, name them and infect the whole earth. You can choose China, India or South Africa as your starting country and choose the genes you want to defeat in Brutal Mode by Plague Inc. But if you want to infect all people there, you have to name an original that can infect them as a whole. Analyzing your country is much easier and more fun than paying for a full-fledged game like Plague Inc. or even the original game.

Then look at the country you studied and compare it with other countries in the world. In the App Store, Plague Inc has managed to rank # ndeg1 in the paid category All Games, overtaking Minecraft and maintaining that position for the past week. To date, it has 89% of its downloads from the Play Store and over 1.5 million downloads from the Apple Store.

Bring players real-world updates

Overall, Plague Inc is the most downloaded paid iPhone game in the US and the number one game on the App Store. Plague Jr is a game that simulates the spread of a single pathogen from one person to another in a multi-player battle in real time against a variety of pathogens. Plague Inc will bring players real-world updates, where they can check the level of disease alerts and “develop” their pathogens.

The developers of Plague Inc

Ndemic Creations and Miniclip have launched Plague Inc for people who want to infect the whole of humanity. Players play as villains can develop a virus that will destroy the entire human race, and when you found your Plague Inc, you will unlock a host of new features. To allow players to experience this game both easily and complexly, it has been built with 3 different levels of difficulty. Specially, Plague Inc is the perfect simulation game for your phone (link), so we have provided a direct link for download. All you have to do is open the web page, find the APK file of Plague Inc and install it on your device to start playing.

The APK from Plague Inc  combines strategy and simulation to show the effects of global factory farming.

In this game, you are responsible for doing everything to destroy the world, but how to defeat the virus plague with Mega Brutal, instead of Corona virus.

Download Plague Inc Mod APK 1.18.5

  • All paid content unlocked (custom scripts don’t work!);
  • Disabled advertising display;
  • You can make purchases with DNA, even if there are not enough of them.

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