How To Download Spotify Music Without Premium

For music lovers, there are two plans to gain access to Spotify’s music library. One is the free subscription and the other is the premium subscription. Many Spotify users who have a free subscription have similar questions about how to download music from Spotify at no extra charge. To solve this problem, I want to share my successful experience of how to solve it. I will outline detailed steps to download Spotify songs for free. 

With one of the memberships, users can surf on multiple devices such as computers and mobile phones and listen to favorite songs. There are no offline listening rights for premium subscribers. Free users have the right to download Spotify songs for free. Unlike other streaming music platforms, Spotify encrypts its music files. Under these circumstances, it will not be possible to download music from Spotify for free via the Spotify app. 

It is necessary to get support from a third-party tool called Spotify Music Downloader. It is a professional music converter for Spotify that downloads Spotify files into MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC and M4A. It specializes in downloading Spotify songs as local files for both free and premium users. Thanks to this tool, you can download Spotify songs without premium. 

You can listen to all Spotify songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, etc. There is no need to disrupt the shuffle mode, as you can play it with unlimited skipping on Android phones and iPhones. 

Let’s see how to use this tool to download music free from Spotify, step by step. Title, artist, album, year and other parameters are automatically saved. In this way, it retains 100% original quality. 

How to download spotify playlist without premium

Install and launch Audfree Spotify Music Downloader on your computer. Click on the menu bar at the top right and select Register to activate your license by entering your account details. The Spotify app opens the Audfree music downloader. 

Go to the Spotify app and find the song you want to download for free. Drag the track from Audfree’s main interface into the app. Copy the URL of the Spotify track and paste in the space specified and click the button to load the track. Click on the menu bar and select Settings > Convert. 

It should open a series of windows like this: > Settings > Convert. It should appear in the configuration window. 

Reset the output format and audio parameters such as sample rate and bitrate. Tap OK to confirm your settings. Click the Convert button to start the download process. Generally, it takes about a minute to convert a 5-minute song. As far as I’m concerned, I chose MP3 (320 kbps) and 48000 for my Spotify download. 

You must have a free Spotify account to download Spotify tracks if you want to do so. Once the Spotify download is saved in the destination folder on your computer.

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