How To Delete Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is one of the most popular paid music streaming services to date. For a monthly fee, users can listen to their favorite songs ad-free on their computers and mobile devices. You can try it out and decide if it’s not right for you. 

Learn how to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium on Android and iOS. It is not possible to cancel the Spotify Premium subscription via the Spotify app. However, there is a workaround that allows you to do this from a web browser or app. 

How do I cancel my Spotify subscription?

Log in to your Spotify account and select Subscriptions from the menu. You will be asked if you have already done so, so be sure to click “Yes.”. 

Your subscription will switch from Premium to Free when your next payment is due. We recommend that you cancel your Premium subscription before your next billing date to avoid the possibility that your next payment will be taken away. Your account page will display the date your plan returns to Spotify Free. Until then, you will continue to enjoy the premium benefits. After your premium subscription ends, you can still log into your account and play songs, access your stored music playlists, you can still listen to ads for some songs, and you will still be able to mix and play albums and artists from Spotify playlists. 

How do I delete my Spotify account?

If privacy becomes a major concern when it comes to our digital footprint, you might want to delete your Spotify account. Before you close a Spotify account, the first step is to log out of your account and cancel all paid plans such as Spotify Premium. Go to the Spotify help site and select Close account. Log out of the account and choose Account Help, followed by I want to close my account. 

Continue with this step and it will get the job done. You will be asked if you are sure you want to close your account. If so, you can come back later. 

You will not be able to use your username on Spotify or access your playlists, followers or libraries. If you have signed up for a student discount, you can only apply for it after 12 months from the last time you used it. The bottom line is I think you can erase everything. Happy listening, but it’s not. 

Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

If you follow these steps and still do not see a way to cancel your subscription, you may be logged in to a third party such as Apple or iTunes. 

Go to Settings and select the iTunes App Store. Select your Apple ID from the top menu and click Show My Apple ID. 

If you are logged into Facebook with an e-mail address and password, you can use your Facebook profile to log into your Spotify account. If you want to cancel your subscription on a Mac or Apple TV, Apple has a handy guide. Follow the usual steps to unsubscribe. If it shows your renewal, turn off automatic renewal and unsubscribe. 

You can use Spotify’s password reset form to see if your account is associated with your email address. If you have subscribed to another third-party provider, such as a mobile broadband provider, you must contact them directly. Even if you have problems, it is possible that you have an account that is active, such as Premium, which was opened accidentally without knowing it. 

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