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Information of Crash Fever Mod APK

NAME Crash Fever
WonderPlanet Inc.
GOOGLE PLAY LINK com.wonderplanet.CrashFever

The Game Features Many Levels

The Crash Fever Mod APK game has many features that make it an interactive game. It allows the player to interact with different objects and solve problems. Below you will find a lot of interesting things about the game.

The game features many levels with different challenges. The game requires the player to select a target area in the Control Panel from which to launch the aircraft. The player can use certain objects and flying tools to perform tasks. These objects can be used on a single screen to complete certain tasks without having to switch from one screen to another.

Crash Fever Is A Free-To-Play

The basic premise of Crash Fever does justice to its mechanics with a colourful and vibrant design. It is a free-to-play gatcha (dreaded word in mobile games) from WonderPlanet Inc. Crash Fever is a screaming game that you have longed for since you were young. With Crash Fever, you’ll find new challenges, limited event quests and fun daily quests every week. Accept regular quests and try your hand at a variety of challenges. Simple twists match the style of gameplay for cascading fun.

Use your newly acquired powers to take on tasks as villagers and raise your status in the kingdom. Quests are not just about defeating enemies. You can perform quests that have a direct impact on the final outcome of the games. In addition to catchy characters and graphics, the game creates simple minigames and exciting events for players. This makes the gameplay more versatile than other puzzle games. By participating in events, you have the opportunity to purchase rare items and participate in mini-games, giving you a quiet time to relax.

The Gameplay Of Crash Fever Is Simple

You will be able to create a space where people can unite and control different characters. That seems to be the game’s selling point. The game combines puzzles, role-playing games and adventure factors. Another feature that makes this game stand out is that you can choose to complete the stadiums with other players. The gameplay of Crash Fever is simple. But it requires the player to prepare the appropriate strategy based on the game process.

As already mentioned, each character has its own normal skill. Which is activated when the player connects enough blocks of the corresponding color. When you connect all the colored blocks at the right time, your character activates its special ability.

One thing worth mentioning is the ability to progress through the game through the main campaign. Which can be seen as a measure of progress. Most games have to contend with this, but Puzzle Dragon is a game of drops. This is a dilemma that I am sure a lot of medium-term players will face, but I stayed for the long term.

The Game Has A Huge Library Of Units

The rest of this review will look at how the game works and how its skills feed into its player base. The game has a huge library of units, each with its own tribal type. And each has its own abilities, with crash skills and abilities leading to devastating combos required for endgame content. The complexity of the review will not limit it here. As I will explain every aspect of the game on a recognizable level that is easy to understand and makes the enormous amount of information accessible.

The battle is turn-based and players must connect with blocks of the same color and connect with them as quickly as possible. For example, blue blocks do magical damage and red blocks do physical damage. Depending on the color of the block the player connects to, the attributes of the damage are similar. If a character has a special ability that can be activated. The player must connect with enough blocks of an appropriate color. Once the player has connected to all the blocks, this is the perfect time for the player to activate the special ability for that character.

Download Crash Fever Mod APK

Mod v1:

    1 hit kill (Disable Auto win first)
    2. Enemy hit very low damage
    3. God mode (Never die at 0 HP)
    4. Auto win exploit (Disable 1 hit kill first) (Not always work)

    Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Mod v2:

    Credits: Blackmod

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