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NAME Chain Strike

Quick Overview Of The Game

A game called Chain Strike Mod APK has been released by the publisher COM2U. It takes us to the medieval Signus continent. Play Chain Strike and conquer. Read the review to find out the answers.

A high quality game with beautiful graphics and new gameplay. Chain Strike is a very attractive game. It supports the iOS and Android operating systems. If you are looking for a strategy game, Chain Strike is the perfect choice. By using our services, you consent to the use of cookies. And by purchasing articles, you are trading with Google Payments and agreeing to our partnership with Google. Note that the access authority for Chain Strike needs permissions to access the following permissions provided by the game service.

Chain Strike Is A RPG Role-Playing Game

Chain Strike is an RPG role-playing game that combines the computing power and tactics of the player. And promise to be a new trend in mobile games in 2018. Chain Strike takes players on a story-driven journey, where they are accompanied by a collection of Guardians who battle the player on their way to the courthouse.

Chain Strike is a turn-based free-to-play strategy role-playing game developed by COM2U. The basic gameplay mechanics of Chain Strikes is like chess. Where the player can control a piece that is on a chessboard at the beginning of the game. As in chess, different heroes move along unique paths and have different abilities.

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Chain Strike is a new role-playing game for Android devices from com2us makers of Summoners of War. There are three difficulty levels in total, and you will be rewarded for passing through each difficulty level. Chain Strike Tips and Tricks advance in the early game with a duration of 5: 53.

Tips and instructions for further orientation It is a new role-playing game for Android devices. Strikea summons new Guardians for Heart and Soul pvp. Complete chapters to progress and get rewards for each stage and chapter fanatic.

Chain Strike Has A Long Tutorial

The game has a long tutorial, but is an amazing game that is not too complicated to start with. The only thing the players have to do is use the chess combat system. The tutorial takes a while, but it didn’t take me long to figure out the game.

The focus on spending money is stronger than most of the Gacha-style games I’ve played this year. I don’t mind spending money, it seems fair. And as someone who enjoys games like this, the odds don’t seem to be in anyone’s favour. But this game is a trifle, and this is where the Titanic paywall comes into play.

I love the game, there are plenty of game modes to explore and grind your way through its huge list of wild fantasy characters, and everything looks pretty. Combat requires a little thinking about strategy. Especially if you have strong characters. Without them, the best way to be successful is not to know how to position them for a successful team attack.

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How To Install The Game

Players “heroes are placed on a 5×7 chessboard and must work in tandem to defeat enemies. Much of the game strategy comes down to figuring out how to maneuver the heroes. So that they are in the optimal position to inflict damage on their opponents. Like pawns, the heroes can only move in certain directions. By aligning the heroes in a certain way, players can trigger attacks involving up to four of their characters. The strongest move a character has access to is his Chain Strike. A breathtaking attack that can devastate enemies and cause massive damage.

Uninstall the old version and install the new one. Find your game package name using the app on your phone. Go to Settings > Manage apps and select App Permissions > Permissions for the game from the menu > Mod. The package name is listed next to the app name. You can also use the Search button to search for a specific application or game.

Download Chain Strike Mod APK 2.0.5

    Damage multiplier [x1 – x1000] God mode
    NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps



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